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Shanghai Maruhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, headquartered in Shanghai Jiading Automobile Industrial Park. Relying on an excellent team, advanced equipment, stable quality system, intelligent IT system, reliable supply chain, leading management concept and fast service, the company provides customers with all-around service support from product design and development, material selection, trial production, mass production to delivery process. It makes customers dont have to worry about production and supply chain, and enables customers to focus on what they are good at, technology research and development, to help customers get a bigger market.

With years of unremitting efforts and outstanding performance, Maruhi has been a partner of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Products cover automobile, rail transit, medical, industrial control, consumer electronics, and other fields.

Corporate Culture: diligent, professional and mutual success! < align="center" style="margin-top:30px;"> < class="status clearfloat"> < class="text">


Company Vision: With the best quality, the best price, the fastest response, to serve high-quality customers. Become an advanced intelligent manufacturing expert in the field of automotive electronic manufacturing services. Business Mission: With professional manufacturing process design, production experience, quality control, supply chain integration, financial innovation, etc., to provide customers with high value-added intelligent manufacturing services; with advanced technology, refined management to create profits, create value for enterprises themselves and customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders; and provide employees with personal personnel. Platform and opportunity for growth and talent to be brought into full play to enhance employees sense of happiness and achievement. < class="picture"> < class="structure" style="background:url(/html/wanxuen/uploads/181203/1-1Q20309540G53.png) no-repeat;background-position:center center;"> < class="title">COMPANY STRUCTURE < class="spirit clearfloat" style="padding-left:0;width:1200px;"> < class="img"> < class="text" >


Careful, professional and mutually successful!

Interpretation is as follows:

Intentions: Magic can be seen in the place of intentions! ____________ All the staff of the company are dedicated and dedicated to their work.

Professional: Professional place must see efficiency! The whole staff of the company study and study business, and work efficiently with professional skills.

Mutual Achievement:

1. Mutual Achievement of Companies and Employees. The company develops rapidly because of the efforts of its employees, and the employees get the ability development and income promotion because of the company platform.

2. Achievement between company and customer. The company develops by serving its customers, and the customers enhance their competitiveness by providing high-quality services.

3. Achievements between companies and suppliers. The company develops with the cooperation of suppliers and should also help the development of high-quality suppliers.

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